Recommended Reading List
Ivy as a child
Dear Readers,
My mother and father alwsays read to us. At the early age of four, I learned the
joy of reading myself.
Once in school, any spare time was spent in the library. The trip to the library
was a much anticipated outing. Books were priceless treasures. Given a list of
books to buy, my brother's and my list had to be narrowed down because
there were always too many.
Reading has always afforded me a better understanding of people, nature,
animals, business, motivation, inspiration, and technology. My interests, though seemingly varied, were
always rooted in the same foundation; the one of psychology. The mind's means of communications and
the behaviors of people and animals has held my deepest interests.
Dedication to life-long learning means reading something for your personal development at least half an hour
each day. Below is a list of books that I believe will have a positive impact on your success and be
excellent additions to your library.
We are optimistic the resources will be useful and offer much pleasure to your reading adventures. We
welcome and encourage you to send us your own favorites to include.
- Ivy Meadors
Best Servie is No Service
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