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Exclusive Professional Service Offerings
Monday, December 05, 2016

High Tech High Touch Solutions is a full-service Help Desk and Call Center consulting firm whose goal is to revolutionize business making these groups corporate assets through advanced usage and combining of people, process, information, and technology.  We are committed to customer service excellence and problem resolution.

A customer-first philosophy offers our customers the service they need in order to be a leader in their industry. Specialists on the team are productive and confident when dealing with all challenges on the job.  Tech High Touch Solutions, Inc. will design, plan, project manage, and implement solutions through innovative techniques and ideas.

Our services are distributed worldwide, and include comprehensive assessments, consulting services, technology recommendations and system implementations, direction in knowledge management, plus personal coaching and mentoring. In addition, company president Ivy Meadors is a popular presenter on many help desk and call center related topics.

Benefits Resulting from our Work Efforts:

Increased 1st Call ResolutionCareer OpportunitiesJob EnrichmentOwnership & Pride in WorkImproved Morale, motivation, and open communicationReduced TurnoverIncreased Knowledge SharingCompetitive AdvantageEfficient Use of Technology & ResourcesIncreased Solution AccuracyExemplary Customer Satisfaction Benefits from Implementing Enhancements Enhanced customer satisfaction through improved high quality performanceHigher productivity per person in total calls handled and resolved per day. Enhanced performance from increased training and development of employee skills.More efficient methods for tracking and trending of call and problem data. Significant cost savings from reduced resource requirements.Integrated systems for enhanced performance.Improved processes with a means for continuous improvement.Assessments

A service and support environment is a complex operation, and the many parameters that affect its success can make it difficult to identify, prioritize and address the issues to change. Pressure to increase the quality of service and support, the productivity of internal technology users, and the satisfaction of the end customer places increasing strain on limited resources.

Our comprehensive assessments involve analysis of many aspects of the enterprise.  Our exclusive assessments bring an operation more into line with industry best practices, reduce costs, create revenue generating service centers and improve morale of the help desk and contact center team.

High Tech High Touch Assessments include tools such as:

Evaluation of staffing levels, assessment of communication and team morale, review of ergonomic concerns, infrastructure, staffing, work environment, and,  communication processes.

Analysis of call trends and statistics, review of call handling techniques, observations of agent's phone skills, incident management, and trend analysis Information.  Review knowledge sources, and recommended Knowledge Management approaches.

Assessment of call tracking system effectiveness, review of phone system and ACD design, and specialized software is part of our assessment deliverables.

Our assessments also include a valuable Gap Analysis. This analysis represents the comparison of your existing Call Center or Help Desk to the rest of the industry. The charts produced from the analysis can be utilized for future benchmarking. The information can be reassessed every six months and compared to the previous results. This will provide a tool for measuring the rate of improvements as the re-engineered support environment progresses.

Consulting (top)

Our consulting focuses on implementing the findings from the assessment. We provide many consulting services including:

Re-design staffing patterns.Review staff training needs.Create skills matrixes and bring all staff up to required skill levels.Establish regular staff meetings, change control reviews, and individual performance meetings. Design and implement state of the art workstations. Create best practice guidelines.Compile technical procedures and documentation.Implement Automated Call Distribution (ACD) and Voice Response Units (VRU) systems as well as VoIP systems.Install state of the art help desk tools, such as remote control / screen emulation systems, and remote software installation utilities.Select and install call tracking systems.Knowledge Management (top)

High Tech High Touch Solutions, Inc. performs assessments on the long-term knowledge needs of our clients. The goals of our knowledge assessments are to:

Introduce the interviewees to Knowledge Management. We provide information about how a solution centered support organization functions and the benefits to the company.

Identify the potential knowledge users and contributors. These may include, but not be limited to, analysts in the support organization, at all levels, and end users. Other staff may be users of the Knowledge Base by-products, such as a listing of the most common problems with custom applications. Groups outside of IT use a Knowledge Base to help their non-technical staff solve information problems.

Identify the sources of existing knowledge. These may include, but not be limited to, knowledge in analysts? heads, existing call records, email chains of Frequently Asked Questions, existing technical documentation, and analysts?cheat sheets.

Determine processes in place in the support organization today, including any knowledge management efforts.

Knowledge management is revolutionizing the functionality of the Call Center and Help Desk. Companies want to please their users and have found that implementing a Knowledge Management system is crucial for success.

Technology (top)

Call Centers and Help Desks often already exist and many of them in multiple locations. The true challenge for the business is the reconfiguration of its support resources into a more effective unit. These changes in the Call Center and Help Desk, from being reactive to proactive, can help generate additional revenues for the company.

Selecting and implementing the right set of technology will significantly improve the effectiveness of Call Center and Help Desk operations. Depending on the business, the representatives and technicians need a variety of software products to effectively serve the customers and end users.

There are hundreds of vendors that offer support software. We believe in providing the technology that will work best in your company. That is why we are vendor neutral. This may give us the extra challenge of staying on top of all the support software innovations, but we enjoy seeing the companies we help succeed beyond their expectations.

Motivational Speaking (top)

Company founder and president Ivy Meadors has shared her excitement and knowledge, nationwide, as a keynote speaker. She presents technological, customer focused, and motivational speeches. She creates enthusiasm and excitement by giving attendees new ideas that they can apply immediately. She has received multiple letters from corporate executives and others that say they are still, "powered up" after hearing her speak. Ivy has also been quoted and interviewed for her expertise repeatedly in leading industry trade journals.

Your service and support groups can become proactive education centers aligned with your business units offering unparalleled service.  The service and support centers will have a significant and positive impact to the bottom-line by using advanced technological solutions and industry best practices combined with highly motivated, loyal staff.

Described as "Industry Analysts," "Leaders in the Industry," and "a team made up of some of the most advanced people in this industry," High Tech High Touch Solutions, Inc. is proud to offer our professional, and customized services to the service and support industry for over 12 years.

Our founder, Ivy Meadors, brings her 28 years of experience and her vast network of business associates to the forefront to provide you the most exemplary team possible to advance your Help Desks and Service Desks or Call and Contact Centers quickly, realizing measurable revenue gains, contact management improvements.

The Help Desk (Service Desk) is one of the key backbones of the enterprise and the Contact Center the face of the business.  All service and support organizations can become corporate assets when designed effectively.