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Put Ivy on your stage to reinvent your organization and enhance your professional skills
Customer Obsession - Roadmap to Profit-Generating Customer Experiences
There are few better ways to understand the customer’s experience than by getting into the head of the customer - to obsess over them and understand their experience.  Good. Bad. Indifferent.
Ivy's interactive presentation offers insights into the ways to obsess over the customers and generate income. At a minimum, create a memorable, positive customer experience.

The benefits of attending include:

* Learn the top 10 considerations for customer obsessing
* Understand how to retain clients through engagement and more
* How to develop a customer journey

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How to Think Like a Thought Leader

Not everyone may be a thought leader, but everyone can think like a thought leader and make powerful transformations in self and the organization by practicing the “Top 10 Characteristics of Influential Thought Leaders”. The key is to understand the employment of thought leadership as an instrument to develop strategic positioning by individuals, organizations, and associations to differentiate and lead in the industry.

Ivy's quick-paced delivery of the top 10 characteristics of influential thought leaders will entice you to embrace innovative and revolutionary ideas, as a means to empowerment. You will be stimulated with thoughts on increasing idea generation and decreasing work effort through non-traditional thinking.

The benefits of attending include:

* Learn the definition of a “Thought Leader” and how it applies to you.
* Understand how to think like a Thought Leader.
* Learn the top 10 characteristics of Thought Leaders.

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Zap the Generation Gap

Generation Gap? You Bet! Every generation brings their own set of characteristics, values and beliefs to the table. Oh, and did I mention, attitudes?

Demographics is the study of what makes people the same. Psychographics is the study of what makes them different. Understanding and appreciating different viewpoints, behavioral and communicational styles helps to “Zap the Generation Gap” in sales and marketing, the workplace, speaking forums, and with your family too!

What you will learn in this interactive session:

* The characteristics, values, beliefs, and attitudes that make the generations different and the influence these have on the gap
* How to engage effectively and build relationships by understanding generational preferences
* Five techniques to “Zap the Generation Gap” to improve communications

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How to Deliver Professional Presentations from the Boardroom to the Platform
Great speaking skills can mean the difference between success and failure; they can set you apart, help take you to the next level in your career, make a positive impact on your organization and increase sales.  Transform your speaking skills to become a more confident speaker, who commands attention, owns their platform, seals the deal and leaves them wanting for more.

Do you spend hours, days, sometimes weeks preparing for your presentation? Are you still using clipart on your slides and fill them with too much text and images? Do you get a pit in your stomach when someone asks you to speak in front of a group?

Become a more poised speaker, who connects with people; delivering inspirational, educational and memorable presentations in front of small to large groups, staff meetings and/or  in sales meetings, outside events like conferences and retreats will provide you the success you need to deliver extraordinary speeches.

If you are an advanced speaker or just starting out, Ivy will share techniques for delivering your first, or enhancing your hundredth presentation.  The information you will learn in this session will contribute to your next “presentation” being awesome and you being professional and confident in your delivery.

This is your opportunity to learn from a professional speaker, qualified by the National Speakers Association.
The benefits of attending include:
* Understand what distinguishes an excellent speech from a presentation.
* Hear how to increase audience interaction.
* Learn about movement, appearance and positioning on the “platform”.
* Consider ideas about what your appearance might portray about your message.
* Learn what makes for excellent slide designs and what harms your message.
* Hear key characteristics for the room setup (atmosphere, equipment, music, visuals, and distractions

This seminar delivers innumerable valuable tips. Attendees have said it was one of the best presentations they have attended for both personal and professional speaking skills development.  We're all on the “stage” at some point and advanced communication skills will have the most powerful impact on your interactions.

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Autistically Speaking: Understanding Autism

This is my personal story, as someone on the spectrum, (Autistic). The presentation is loaded with information to help others fully understand Autism and assess if you, someone in your family, or in the workplace has it.
Help others by hearing this presentation and possibly help someone in your own family or that you encounter. You will leave this talk with fresh insights and understanding of this condition.
All attendees will be provided access to a test to get a preliminary understanding if you, or someone you know, are potentially on the spectrum. This is an interactive presentation.

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Developing Powerful Leadership Skills by Reinventing Yourself

This dynamic interactive session is designed for you to embrace the relentless levels of change and the unremitting pace of business, and make sustaining high performance leadership possible.  Leading in the Information Age of new and innovative technology, resource limitations, diverse global multi-generational workforces and customer bases challenges the previous ways of leading an organization. 
Being a risk-taking, innovative, intuitive, and strategic thinker is necessary.  Unique and exemplary communication skills are core to a leader's success from the front of the room to the platform.
To be a strong and successful leader in today's business environment requires the use of exceptional authentic communication skills, non-traditional leadership skills, remarkable perceptiveness, a holistic style, coupled with traditional forms of leadership. This means reinventing your current leadership and communication skills and using your innovative and intuitive styles. In this session, you will learn how to be a strong leader who is genuine, demonstrates emotional maturity, vulnerability, is able to make tough decisions quickly and will influence others through your spoken words.

What you will learn in this workshop:

* 10 characteristics of influential leaders and speakers, who use non-traditional leadership and communication skills
* How to assess, if you are holding you back
* Recognize how leadership resiliency, intuitive communication skills, and the capacity to create and sustain supportive and
satisfying relationships at work, from the platform, and your non-work environment are key to success
* How to think like a Reinventioneer™ - one who makes powerful transformations in self and the organization

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How to Hire, Retain and Engage Team Members  

Perhaps no other management challenge is more vexing than the magical mix of intuition, pragmatism, science and emotion that go into hiring and retaining great talent, and identifying and separating individuals who aren't providing valuable contributions to your team and its goals.

This interactive session will mix analysis of hiring and retention strategies, exemplary leadership techniques, anecdotes about the value of intuition, and thoughtful direction to help you identify potential issues, empower the
valuable staff, celebrate the extraordinary performances and humanely let go of those whose strengths or inspirations lay elsewhere. The benefits of attending include:

* Learn the top 10 hiring considerations
* Understand how to retain staff through engagement and more
* Using your personal intuition
* Empowerment for engaging, retaining and hiring staff members

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