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Introducing our Company
What We Offer Our Philosophy Our Guiding Princicples
High Tech High Touch Solutions, Inc. delivers:

* Advanced educational events
* Consulting
* Speeches
* Coaching solutions for customer service and support professionals

Our goal is to revolutionize business by sharing a wealth of information on industry best practices through the core aspects of people, process, and technology.

We provide prominent leadership, knowledge, and expertise to your team so that they can truly become indispensable.

The root of success to deliver superior service and support is strong leadership, motivated team members, and a solid vision.
High Tech High Touch Solutions, Inc. is a pioneer in the Help Desk and Call Center industry. We know that the only way to maintain this leadership role now and into the future is to adhere to the principles and standards that solidify relationships with our company and clients.

Our philosophy is to partner with our customers to develop high performance customer support organizations. The result? We ensure your processes, technologies, information and the people all come together completely to afford the means to deliver superior customer service and support.

Founded in 1993, by Ivy Meadors, it is her core beliefs and values that permeate and guide the company. Products and services are initially why customers come to a business. The customer's experience is why they keep coming back.

We guarantee to show you how to design a system that will keep your customers coming back. We know our philosophies work because our customers keep coming back.
High Tech High Touch Solutions, Inc. revolutionizes business through people, process, information, and technology while following our guiding principles:

1. Maintain and foster a philosophy of giving without the expectation of receiving anything in return.

2. Promote service and support centers as corporate assets.

3. Respect and acknowledge service and support professionals for their efforts.

4. Apply the highest standards of excellence to provide service beyond expectations.

5. Promote an exciting work environment that embraces individual development and recognition.

6. Honor and care for all people and encourage their dreams.